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Track Publishing & Recording Rights

  • Create YOUR music!
  • Write the summer’s must hear tune!
  • Set mouths agape with the guitar solo that people will be talking about for years!

MusicTeam® helps you put all the pieces together

MusicTeam.com helps you protect it!

With MusicTeam® YOU set the royalty parameters, YOU decide who deserves what share of the pie, YOU can control every aspect of your creative genius.

You wrote the music, YOU sang lead or YOU offered up the poetic lyrics that elevated the song to art…  Whatever the case may be, MusicTeam makes sure that YOU own the publishing rights to all YOUR compositions and recordings! MusicTeam helps you and your band mates control who gets what:

  • YOU set the parameters.
  • YOU establish what is worth what, in short.
  • YOU are in full control of YOUR art.
MusicTeam, Music Team

MusicTeam® helps you establish ownership by documenting the “agreement” that YOU and YOUR band mates have agreed upon, for example:

  • The song writer(s) gets 50% of the Publishing Rights.
  • The lyricist gets the other 50% of the Publishing Rights
  • The lead vocals (Singer) gets 30% of the Recording Rights
  • The lead guitar gets 20% of the Recording Rights.
  • And so on…

YOU set the terms, MusicTeam® manages them for you!  Quick, simple and efficient, this way you can go back to doing what matters most… creating the music that the public & YOUR fans need to hear.

MusicTeam® helps you document the rights to YOUR music while allowing you to collaborate with anyone anywhere in the world via Skytracks.io; in so doing SkyTracks.io saves all of your hard work on its cloud servers for any future need or reference, thus ensuring yet another level of documentation and security for your musical creations.

MusicTeam® allows you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world via Skytracks.io.  In so doing everything that each person does gets documented and registered!

You set the payment parameters for publishing and recording rights thanks to MusicTeam® and its group agreement registration, while creating YOUR music with anyone, anywhere in the world thanks to MusicTeam’s partnership with SkyTracks.io.

You bring the artistry and MusicTeam® helps you piece it all together!