The music industry is fraught with many problems, including the documentation and creation of music rights information, a domain which is extremely complex, even for people trained on the subject. This is especially true for emerging musicians and artists lacking domain knowledge.

In this context, MusicTeam is a web application that creates Minimum Viable Data (MVD) for music rights holders, in order to initiate and thereby enable the workflow for music rights and royalty payments. MVD includes information on Recording and related Works and splits between uniquely identified music rights owners.

An extensive analysis on data structure, tools and technologies has been done to program this Python-based app. Modelling was achieved in respect to the complex multiplicity constraints of entities in the music industry. The application acts as a tool for independent Performing Artists, often acting as Composers of their Recordings, to easily enter the necessary data in validating forms.

Users can submit projected digital streams and downloads from their music, and MusicTeam will calculate revenues and royalties for each role assumed by the user. Appropriate object-level permissions have been implemented to enable users accessing the relevant information that they have a right to view and edit.

As MusicTeam exports the MVD to distribution and monetisation platforms, it becomes the on-ramp to the music industry workflow, in order for all rights owners to be paid their royalties. While the application has some limitations, these are less critical because of the application’s focus on emerging artists and musicians.

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