With more control comes greater responsibilities

We understand that some songwriters and artists choose to take on the publishing responsibilities themselves, often because of the added control and income self-publishing gives you (for example, you would be entitled to keep both the songwriter’s and publisher’s share of monies generated by your music).

In the same way, if songwriters also perform their musical works, they must also take on the traditional record label’s responsibilities. Part of those responsibilities is to maximize your revenue streams.

As an author, composer, or songwriter, you should be able to collect the royalties that are due to you (unless you signed a publishing deal, in which you have given the rights of your copyrights).

As for your master-generated royalties, if you own the master recording rights, you should also be able to collect royalties.

To collect your royalties, you will need to register as a member to the appropriate CMOs and register your Works as well as your Recordings.

MusicTeam® can help you collect royalties while you keep 100% of your copyrights.

We can register your Works and Recordings with the appropriate CMOs so you can collect:

  • Public performance royalties on your musical works
  • Mechanical royalties on your musical works
  • Public performance royalties on your master recordings
  • Mechanical royalties on your master recordings for radio plays, non-interactive streaming, etc.

By authorizing us to register your Works and Recordings for you, we will take care of the administrative part so you can focus on better things: making and recording new music.


Are you a Canadian author, composer, and performer?

MusicTeam® has an introductory offer for Works and Recordings registration.
Whether you’re a member SOCAN, SODRAC, SOPROQ or need guidance for registering to
Canadian CMOs, we can help you.

Are you a member of CMRRA, CONNECT Music Licensing or Re:Sound?

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