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Not a member of any Canadian CMOs?

To submit Works to SOCAN and SOCAN RR (SODRAC), and Recordings to SOPROQ, you have to be a registered member of their organization. If you need help with membership registration with Canadian Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), we have an offer that includes guidance and email support for each CMOs.

Works Registration at SOCAN

In the MusicTeam® app, enter your information about your musical Work and its rightful owners. We’ll use that information in the Work registration process.

For MusicTeam® to submit your musical Works, you will have to designate us as your Authorized Representative. While we take care of the administrative duties of works registration, your royalties distribution as well as income tax forms will always be sent to you.

Once your Works are registered, we will add your ISWC number to your musical Work in the MusicTeam® app.

Works Registration at SOCAN Reproduction Rights (SODRAC)

With the same Work information you have provided in MusicTeam®, we will register your Works so you can collect your mechanical royalties. By designating us as your Authorized Representative, we will submit your Works to SOCAN Reproduction Rights (RR)/SODRAC. Similarly, we take care of the administrative duties of works registration but your royalties distribution as well as income tax forms will be sent to you.

If you are a member of CMRRA, please contact us!

Recordings Registration at SOPROQ

SOPROQ covers your public performance rights as well as your reproduction rights on your recordings. Once you have documented your Recording information in the MusicTeam® app, we will use that data in the registration process. When you designate us as your Authorized Representative, we will register your Recordings with SOPROQ.

If you are a member of Re:Sound or CONNECT Music Licensing, let us know!

MusicTeam® wants to support emerging musicians. Being an “artist” nowadays, in some cases, means that you are the composer, publisher, label as well as the performer. If the shoes fit, this means you have to register your Works and your Recordings to the CMOs. We believe that offering this package is the simplest solution for you.

When you sign up for membership to specific CMOs, they will require from you personal information such as banking details and social security numbers. While we can’t do it for you, we can certainly assist you in the process.

Unfortunately, not at the moment. This is something MusicTeam® is looking forward to servicing in the near future. In the meantime, you can still document your performers that are not rights holders in the MusicTeam® app.

Someone from our team will reach out to you by email (the one provided when you pay) within 1-2 business days to start the process. In the meantime, you can start filling out all the Work & Recording information needed in the MusicTeam® app. Depending on the package you have chosen, one of the first steps will be to sign the Authorized Representative forms we will send you.

We are continuously working on adding more CMOs. Let’s keep in touch!


Still have some questions?

If you are a member of other Canadian CMOs and don't need help with member registration, let us know. We'll see how we can help you get your Works and Recordings registered.