MusicTeam® is a tool to document your rights for compositions and recordings and to publish releases. Features:

  • Creation of minimum viable data (MVD) for music rights holders
  • Ability for users to hold multiple roles with different permissions
  • Invitation system to assign Work and Recording splits
  • Publishing of releases with documented splits
  • Exports of MVD for distribution and monetization
  • Streams and sales projection tool for royalties
Who can participate?
Who can participate 01 Creators (Composers, Songwriters, etc.) & Publishers
Who can participate 02 Collaborators (Recording Studio, Record Labels, Producers, etc.) & Performing Artists
Who can participate 03 Contibutors without ownership rights
Collaborative Music Production
SkyTracks is the recommended platform for online music production and collaboration. Their music production tools and time-based comments guarantee seamless collaboration between you and all of your band mates. SkyTracks offers 3 subscription tiers depending on your musical needs: Free, Pro, Studio
SkyTracks Community
SkyTracks also has a Facebook Community for their users to connect. Don’t hesitate to join the group if you’re looking for collaborators or looking to collaborate!