MusicTeam® is a platform for a new era of artists to efficiently manage the metadata and splits for their musical Works and Recordings.

Playing the part of a composerself-publisherproducerperforming artist

Playing the part of a composer, self-publisher, producer, and performing artist.

Nowadays, being an “artist” can imply that you are the composer, publisher, label as well as the performer. Whether you assume all responsibilities or not, MusicTeam® allows you to hold multiple roles such as:

  • Creator (composers, songwriters, etc.)
  • Publisher
  • Collaborator (record labels, recording studios, music production companies, producers, etc.)
  • Performing Artists
  • Contributors without ownership rights.

Through those roles, you can establish ownership of a song, recording, and even credits to people who have participated in your Work or Recording.

Rights management made simple.

The most efficient way to manage your music rights smoothly is to document your musical Work and Recording splits during the creation process.

Collaborating with other people? Simply type in their email when assigning them the appropriate splits. Our automated system will notify them by email directly.

In addition, we set up different viewing and editing permissions so that users that have ownership in a Work, but not in the related Recording, won’t see your Recording splits and vice-versa.

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