Your all-in-one platform for music creation, documentation, registration and distribution.

The power of simply better.

MusicTeam® is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We understand the challenges emerging and independent creators face in this ever-changing landscape. With proven vision and expertise, we’ve engineered the ultimate digital platform so you can make the most of your creative work. Step into the future of streamlined creation, repertoire management and music distribution, where our innovation ensures you’re always compensated for your brilliance.

Unleash your Music with SkyTracks®.

SkyTracks® – the leading-edge online music collaboration and production tool with synths, drums, and effects – the virtual studio that helps you lay down your ideas with your bandmates.

Take control of your music metadata.

Built upon academic foundations, our platform helps creators capture music rights metadata for all rights holders and music credits for contributors. Refine your music’s digital footprint with our proven research-backed framework.

Simplify your music registrations.

Get paid from the digital creative value chain for your music rights when we submit your Works registrations and Recordings registrations. Claim all your royalties from PROs, MROs, MLCs & CMOs. Don’t leave any money in the black-box!

Music distribution unbound.

Make your music resonate far and wide ensuring fans enjoy your latest release from wherever they are, and from whatever platform they love. From stereo to our soon-to-be-available immersive audio, step into a realm where sound isn’t just heard, it’s felt, experienced, and lived.

Always receive what you’re owed.

Enjoy a seamless royalty collection flow knowing you’re always getting your fair share as an artist whether you are a songwriter, producer, performer, or all of these roles. MusicTeam® operates on a royalty-friendly subscription model – keep 100% of your earnings. Grow your career and reap the royalties!

Upcoming Features:

Distribution of Spatial Audio 95%
Recordings Registration 50%
Processing metadata in the studio: 5%

MusicTeam® – The only all-in-one platform for music creation, documentation, registration and distribution you’ll ever need.