Register your music: mastering royalty collection in an online era

The digital world allows even greater freedom with new channels to communicate, transmit and broadcast your music to the public. On the flip side, the ways to collect music royalties is diversifying even more as the music industry continues its digital expansion, making it more complicated than ever to collect what you’re owed.

Since there are multiple participants in the chain of music rights information and royalty payments, independent artists and creators are left struggling with time-wasting administrative tasks, taking you away from what you really love to do – create music.

That’s where we come in: we ensure you get paid from the entire creative value chain.

From creation to collection: music registrations in the digital age

When your music goes out, money should come in – right? But royalties from music distribution is not your only source of income. To collect all your music royalties as an independent creator or artist, you will need to become a member of up to four different PRO/CMO/MRO and register your Works and Recordings with all of them. Why complicate your life using multiple PRO/CMO/MRO portals for your music registrations when you can keep your Works and Sound Recordings metadata and ownership shares on one platform?

Forget the old-school music registrations runaround

MusicTeam® helps you streamline your music registration process to effortlessly submit your Work and sound Recording registrations to music rights societies and organisations. Collect what’s rightfully yours.

Musical Works Registration

  • Document your musical Work and rights ownership
  • Verify the required music metadata for registration
  • Submit new Work registration to affiliated PROs/CMOs/MROs so you can collect performance royalties and mechanical/reproduction royalties

Recordings Registration

Coming soon

  • Document your sound Recording and rights ownership and contributions
  • Verify the required music metadata for registration
  • Submit new sound Recording registrations to affiliated PROs/CMOs/MROs so you can collect digital performance royalties, public performance and reproduction royalties as a producer and/or as a performer

Why choose MusicTeam®?

Get your ISWC in a blink of an eye

Extended waiting periods for your ISWC are over with our fast-issuance feature. Get your ISWC in just 2 to 4 days. That’s right, you can have your ISWC linked to your Recording before it hits the streaming platforms, so you can collect what’s rightfully yours as a songwriter, lyricist, composer or creator faster.

Profile verification double-checks credentials to ensure payments find their way back to you

We verify your IPI and membership to your PRO/MRO to ensure all rights holders are correctly credited and paid.

Musical Works registrations are always within reach

No more re-entry of your music metadata or music rights on multiple platforms. Once your Works are ready, we submit your work registrations directly to your PRO from our platform.

We put an end to fuzzy matching by sending your Recordings 

When you create new Recordings, we update your PRO’s work registrations with the necessary Recording metadata. Your PRO will know the Recordings to look for, which Work it’s related to, and who’s the rights holder so you get paid.

Have complete peace of mind – we verify your music metadata before registration 

Our registration checkpoint will help you determine if there’s any missing music metadata required for registering your music CMOs. And you can always reach out to us by chat if you need help with anything.

Music Registrations Plans

Work Registrations Management

  • Profile verification (included)
  • Music metadata verification
  • ISWC issuance for eligible Works within 2-4 days
  • Musical Works registrations

Recording Registrations Management

  • Profile verification (included)
  • Music metadata verification
  • Recordings registrations

Closing in: music registrations in Canada

Canadian PROs/CMOs/MROs are the first music rights societies and organisations we have partnered with. Members of Canadian music rights societies and organisations are the first to benefit from our music registration service.   

With the support of the Quebec Government’s Economic Recovery Plan for the Cultural Sector, the Digital Ambition program, we are committed to increasing the revenues of independent and emerging artists and creators from Quebec and members of Canadian music rights societies and organisations.

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Are you a member of PROs/MROs/CMOs in other countries?

Have a say in our list of priorities for supported music rights organizations so we can streamline your music rights registrations. Help us decide which PROs/CMOs/MROs we should support next!
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MusicTeam® – La seule plateforme tout-en-un pour la création musicale, la documentation, la déclaration et la distribution.

Crank up the volume on collaboration

Great music isn’t born –  it’s created with passion and teamwork. Our online music collaboration platform is more than a tool, it’s a gathering place. Collaborate and produce legendary tracks with your bandmates all in one dynamic space.

Keep your metadata organized

Enable faster identification of rights holders and contributors for payment of music royalties.

Ready. Set. Distribute. Take your music worldwide!

From inspiration and the first note, to documentation, you’ve done it all. Now, it’s time to distribute and share it with your fans.