Save time by documenting music metadata and rights ownership while you create.

Music metadata plays a crucial role in maximising royalties for songwriters, producers, performers and artists. Without it, music royalties don’t find their way back to the rightful owners. At the heart of the issue is a gap in the communication and transcription of metadata between societies, organisations, service providers and other intermediaries, which leaves the music industry with a weak digital infrastructure. Unfortunately, songwriters, producers and artists, like yourself, are left taking the hit.

Documenting music metadata, from the start to finish of every project is not only more accurate and efficient, but it also provides you with more comprehensive and organised metadata for music rights registration or music distribution, enabling faster identification of rights holders and contributors and payment of music royalties.

Your music metadata, music rights and audio files are always ready when you are.

One of the many advantages of MusicTeam® is it helps you maintain the consistency and integrity of your music metadata because it’s all in one place. No switching between platforms is required and you can effortlessly compile your music credits, set your ownership shares, and upload your files during the creation process. 

Discover the MusicTeam® difference and never settle for less

We maintain the highest standards when it comes to your music metadata and rights and we bridge the infrastructural gaps to deliver your metadata, rights and releases where they need to be, so you can collect all your music royalties.

Music metadata done right 

Document and organize your musical Work and sound Recordings metadata all in one place. The proper way to manage your repertoire or catalog.

Your digital identity is the key 

Discover the benefits of building your profile with your unique identifiers (IPI, IPN & ISNI), display artist names and affiliated PROs/CMOs/MROs as an artist (songwriter, producer, performer, musician, or other key player) and/or entity (publisher, record label, music production company, or others).

Our profile verification system ensures everyone gets paid

We verify your unique identifiers to ensure all rights holders and contributors are correctly credited and paid.

We are the only platform that provides both ISRCs and ISWCs

With MusicTeam®, you can get free ISRCs for your recordings, even before you distribute your music. Need an ISWC? Easily said…and done! Our music registration service is the only way you can get both in one place.

Save time with our quick invite system for ownership splits and credits

Easily invite rights owners and contributors using their email address. Our system will fill-in existing details from the MusicTeam® database. Can’t find the person you’re looking for? Add basic information until they update their profile and get their identifiers verified.

Permission-based access makes everything safe and secure for greater peace of mind

Your ownership information is always private because you can have different viewing and editing permissions set by the ownership splits assigned to participants.

Give credit where credit is due

Add everyone that contributes to the writing or recording of your music during the process. Designate specific roles such as songwriter, composer, lyricist, producer, performer, mixing engineer and musician so everyone involved gets credited for their contribution and receives their music royalties.

Effortless writer and publisher linking

Add your publishing agreement details as a writer or a publisher and automate your writer-publisher relationships to all your designated Works. Get rid of the extra effort required to find which publisher represents which writer.

Attach lyrics to your Releases so fans never miss a word 

Include lyrics in your musical works and add your lyric timestamps to your Recordings so when you release your music with our music distribution service, we send lyrics to your selected outlets and stores.

Instrumentation that’s always on track 

Set your preferred instruments once in your Profile, and let MusicTeam® do the rest, incorporating them into every sound Recording you perform on. Make tracking musical contributions a piece of cake!


Documenting music metadata and
rights ownership on MusicTeam® will always be free.


MusicTeam® – La seule plateforme tout-en-un pour la création musicale, la documentation, la déclaration et la distribution.

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Music isn’t just notes and lyrics; it’s emotion, soul, and teamwork. Meet up in SkyTracks®, our online music collaboration platform, and together, make music that not just sounds, but feels right.

Ready to distribute?

With your music metadata and rights in perfect order, all that’s left to do is release your music.

Are you leaving any money on the table?

We’re here to help you collect what you’ve rightfully earned. After all, it’s just sitting there waiting for you.