How to get your own music on Spotify

Our all-in-one platform for music artists breaks down everything you need to know about getting your music on Spotify and doing it right.

Let's see how it goes if you want to put your music on Spotify.

A better understanding of what Spotify is

Spotify is a leading music streaming platform that has transformed how people access and enjoy music. Launched in 2008, Spotify offers a vast library of over 100 million tracks and 5 million podcasts, making it one of the largest digital music repositories in the world.

Why you should definitely consider this streaming service

Let’s put it this way: Spotify has revolutionized the way people listen to music, making it an essential platform for artists aiming to reach a broad audience.

Spotify boasts an impressive user base, making it one of the largest music streaming services in the world. As of 2024, the platform has over 500 million monthly active users, including more than 200 million premium subscribers. This vast audience provides an unparalleled opportunity for artists to gain exposure.

Available in 184 countries and territories, Spotify’s global reach ensures that your music can be heard by fans worldwide. The power of the playlists available cannot be overstated. Over 4 billion playlists have been created, with many users relying on these curated lists to discover new music. Daily, users stream over 1 billion tracks, showcasing the platform’s immense potential to drive significant traffic to your songs.

In 2023 alone, Spotify paid out over $8 billion to rights holders, including artists, labels, and publishers. Also, artists earning more than a million dollars on the platform went from 460 in 2017 to 1 250 in 2024. With the right strategy, artists can monetize their music effectively on Spotify. (Learn more on their article). While we can’t promise immediate success, there are definitely some promising opportunities to grow your career.

Real benefits for artists: exposure and fan engagement

One of the most significant advantages of being on Spotify is the enhanced discoverability. The platform’s algorithm and curated playlists help new artists get discovered by potential fans. Spotify ensures your music is available 24/7, accessible on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart speakers, making it easy for the millions of listeners mentioned earlier to enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.

Spotify’s powerful algorithmic playlists, like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, introduce your music to potential fans who share similar tastes. Being featured on these playlists can significantly boost your visibility and stream counts. Additionally, user-generated playlists allow fans to add your tracks to their personal collections, increasing exposure and encouraging organic growth. Inclusion in popular user-generated playlists can lead to more streams and new followers, further expanding your reach.

Artists can also transcend geographical barriers and reach a global audience. This worldwide exposure is particularly beneficial for musicians looking to expand their fanbase beyond their home country. Spotify for Artists offers valuable tools that allow musicians to gain insights into their audience. Artists can view detailed analytics on their listeners’ demographics and listening habits, enabling them to tailor their promotional efforts effectively, but it also helps understand what resonates with their fans, fostering a deeper connection with their audience.

Last but not least, a strong presence on Spotify can attract attention from record labels, talent scouts, and other industry professionals, offering networking and industry opportunities. Increased streams and followers can open doors to collaboration with other artists and live performance opportunities, as promoters and booking agents often look at Spotify performance to gauge an artist’s popularity and potential for gigs.

Get your music on Spotify and get it right with these 5 steps

Uploading your music to Spotify involves several key steps to ensure a smooth and successful release.

1. Find a music distributor

You’ll need a music distributor to get your own music on Spotify. Distributors act as intermediaries, handling the technical aspects of uploading your music to streaming platforms and ensuring it meets all necessary standards. As Spotify say themselves: “Most distributors charge a fee or commission. Each service is unique, so do a little research before picking one.”

  • MusicTeam® is your all-in-one platform for independent music creators dedicated to providing all the tools and information to create, document, register and distribute your music to the world!

2. Claim your Spotify profile

Go to the Spotify for Artists website and sign up using your Spotify account. If you don’t have one, create it first.

Claiming your profile gives you access to tools and analytics to optimize your music’s performance on Spotify. Spotify will ask you to confirm your artist name. This may involve connecting your social media accounts or providing other verification information. 

Once verified, fill out your artist profile with high-quality images, a compelling bio, and social media links. This helps build a professional and engaging presence. We’ll talk more about it after.

3. Prepare your release

You need to ensure that your music is ready for distribution. This requires extreme care on your side to make sure you provide everything, like your music unique identifiers (ISWC, ISRC, etc.). That’s why you will check the followings:

  • Quality recordings – Use professionally recorded and mastered tracks. High-quality audio is essential for making a good impression on listeners and industry professionals. Poorly recorded tracks lead to negative reviews and decreased chances of being featured on playlists…
  • Metadata – Complete and accurate metadata (song titles, artist names, genres, release dates) is crucial for discoverability. Check Spotify’s guidelines regarding metadata.
  • Artwork – Create high-quality album or single artwork that meets Spotify’s specifications (usually 3000 x 3000 pixels in JPG or PNG format). Eye-catching and professional artwork can attract more listeners and make your release stand out. Investing in a good graphic designer can be worthwhile.
  • Release date – Choose a release date that allows enough time for promotion. Many artists plan their releases weeks or months in advance. This gives you time to build anticipation and engage with your audience.

4. Review the details

We’ll dig into this point shortly, but you need to conduct a meticulous review before submitting your music. What does this imply? Begin by verifying all metadata we’ve just talked about, including track and album titles, release dates, and genres. You should ensure your cover art meets Spotify’s specifications and is free from any unauthorized content. 

Correct metadata helps with discoverability and ensures your music is correctly categorized. Artists with accurate music metadata see a 15% increase in streams due to improved searchability. This is one aspect that’s very dear to us at MusicTeam®, because we want to make sure you also get the royalties you deserve.

Check that your audio files are in the correct format and quality, and verify that you have obtained all necessary rights and permissions. Also, did you make sure your tracks are in the right order? Additionally, you’ll select the appropriate distribution territories and double check your distributor information is accurate.

The point is, once you’ve prepared your release and you think everything is ready, double check everything to make sure it’s perfect. One little mistake can affect your release, mainly because once your music is out, you won’t be able to make any further changes.

5. Submit your music

After reviewing all the details, submit your music for distribution. Your distributor will send your music to Spotify and other streaming platforms. This process can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the distributor. 

With MusicTeam®, the release of your music on Spotify or other platforms takes between 10 and 14 days, depending on the options you select.

Tips for a successful Spotify release

Releasing your music on Spotify is just the beginning. To maximize your reach and make your release a success, you need to: 

  • optimize your profile, 
  • promote your music effectively, 
  • and leverage Spotify’s tools. 

Learn step by step how to upload your music on Spotify.

Optimizing your artist profile (bio, images, social links)

    • Complete your profile: Ensure your Spotify for Artists profile is fully updated with a high-quality profile picture, a compelling bio, and links to your social media accounts. A well-written bio helps listeners connect with you on a personal level. According to Spotify, artists who regularly update their bios see a 20% increase in profile visits.
    • Artist bio: Write an engaging and informative bio that tells your story, includes interesting facts, and highlights your musical journey and influences.
  • High-quality images: Use professional images that reflect your brand. Your header image should be 2660 x 1140 pixels, and your gallery should include high-quality photos to give fans insight into your life and career. Bad quality will make you look cheap!

Promoting your release 

Creating a pre-save campaign helps build anticipation for your release. Pre-saves allow fans to add your upcoming release to their library before it drops, ensuring it appears in their playlists and libraries immediately upon release. You can use platforms like or to set up your campaign and promote it via your social channels.

Leverage social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to generate buzz. Share teasers, behind-the-scenes content, countdowns, and interactive posts (e.g., polls, Q&As) to engage your audience. Collaborate with influencers or other artists to expand your reach. Use relevant hashtags and tag Spotify to increase visibility.

If you have a list of emails, send out newsletters with details about the release date, pre-save links, and exclusive content like behind-the-scenes videos or sneak peeks. Personalized emails can make fans feel special and more likely to support your release. Consider segmenting your email list to target specific groups with tailored messages.

Utilizing Spotify for Artists tools (playlist pitching, analytics).

Spotify for Artists allows you to pitch unreleased music directly to Spotify’s editorial team. Aim to submit your track at least four weeks before the release date. You should include detailed information about the song and any promotional plans. Getting featured on a playlist can significantly boost your streams and exposure.

Spotify for Artists provides valuable analytics to help you understand your audience. You can track metrics such as streams, listener demographics, and playlist additions. Use this data to tailor your promotional efforts and identify successful strategies.

But also, a feature on Spotify helps artists enhance their visual expression. Canvas is a feature that allows artists to replace the standard album cover with a looping video of 3 to 8 seconds. This video is displayed when a user listens to a song on the Spotify mobile app. The purpose of Canvas is to provide a more immersive and visually engaging experience, helping artists to better connect with their fans and enhance their visual identity. And your art can be shared on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp with a direct link to your release.

Common mistakes to avoid

One frequent mistake when people upload their music on Spotify is uploading poorly recorded or mixed tracks. High-quality audio is a must, because it reflects your professionalism and enhances the listener’s experience. If your tracks sound off, it can leave a bad impression and hurt your chances of landing on playlists. Always make sure your music is professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered before you upload.

Another common error is incomplete or incorrect metadata. Accurate metadata helps listeners find your music through searches and recommendations. If any details are wrong or missing, your music might get miscategorized or be hard to find. Even worse: you might not get your money, and those black box royalties will be forgotten. Double-check all your metadata to ensure everything is accurate and complete!

Finally, don’t neglect the importance of promotion. Just uploading your music to Spotify isn’t enough as we’ve seen—you need to actively promote it to reach a wider audience. Engaging with your fans and using Spotify’s tools, like playlist pitching and Canvas, can significantly boost your visibility and success.

Do you need a distributor for Spotify or can you put music on it without one?

Yes, you need a digital music distributor to get your music on Spotify. Spotify does not allow independent artists to upload music directly to the platform. MusicTeam®’s role as a distributor is to ensure that your music is properly formatted and meets Spotify’s standards. We hold a high standard when it comes to music metadata, distribute your music to other streaming services (the ones you want), and help you collect all your royalties through music registration. Using a platform like ours simplifies the process and ensures that your music is available to listeners worldwide!

How much does it cost to put music on Spotify

The cost to put music on Spotify varies depending on the digital distribution service (DSP) you choose. For example, if you choose our music distribution service at MusicTeam®, here is what it’s going to cost you:

Not ready to commit to a subscription?

Switch from annual subscriptions to lifetime plans at any time. All annual music distribution plans can be bought out. You only have to pay the difference between the lifetime plan and the annual distribution plan. It’s as simple as that.

Lifetime Distribution of 1 Single

$799 USD

Lifetime Distribution of 1 EP

$1399 USD

Lifetime Distribution of 1 Album

2999 USD

Unlimited Releases(stereo)

1499 USD

Unlimited Releases(immersive)

N/Acoming soon

Your Spotify music distribution with MusicTeam®

 At MusicTeam®, we offer an all-in-one platform that simplifies the process, from preparing your tracks to distributing them. Our platform streamlines the process, ensuring your music reaches a global audience efficiently. With advanced analytics, smart links to promote your release, and personalized support, we empower artists to grow their fanbase and maximize their streaming revenue. Join MusicTeam® and elevate your Spotify presence today!

With MusicTeam®, you also get detailed analytics to track performance and understand your audience. Our flexible pricing plans cater to all artists, and we ensure you receive all the royalties you’re entitled to. Sign up with MusicTeam® today to start your journey.

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